For more than two years, a strong convergence of vision and objectives has linked us to a significant and prestigious law firm, famous both nationally and abroad: The RUCELLAI & RAFFAELLI law firm with offices open in Milan, Bologna and Rome which chose Avv. Antonio Pavan as Counsel for Administrative Law matters. Moreover, in our desire to expand our range of services beyond national borders, we looked towards the Orient and set up a collaboration with the Zhonglun W&D law firm based in Beijing. Further partnerships and collaborations ensued with other foreign legal firms from Russia and Cyprus.

Studio Zhonglun W&D Pechino, Avv. Antonio Pavan


As part of our company vision focused on research and constant study, the contact with everyday reality could not be overlooked. We have envisioned the legal professions and the idea of justice behind them as alive and not as a weak and vulnerable shell, emptied of all pragmatic meaning. We therefore started from the schools, the incubators of ideas, in order to reach a work reality wherein the young people who have conceived them have the opportunity to grow and lay the foundations of a more modern and just society.

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Educazione alla legalità, Treviso

The Law firm


From the onset we have made innovation a key focal point in our workplace, a pivot of pragmatic and time sensitive professional solutions. The feedback received from our constant interaction with a varied clientele allows us to branch out within the different subdivisions of civil law and commercial law. Our expertise extends both to contract matters and litigations, including bankruptcy proceedings and bankruptcy law, which coupled to our know-...


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